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片名:2019 美国《超人之死与超人归来》一部长达两个多小时的未删节的无缝动画


导演: 杰克·卡斯托雷纳 / 刘山姆
编剧: 比尔·芬格
主演: 杰瑞·奥康奈尔 / 丽贝卡·罗梅恩 / 罗莎里奥·道森 / 耐姆比·耐姆比 / 乔纳森·亚当斯
类型: 动画
制片国家/地区: 美国
语言: 英语
上映日期: 2019-10-01(美国)
片长: 166分钟


  The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen now presented as an over two-hour unabridged and seamless animated feature. Witness the no-holds-barred battle between the Justice League and an unstoppable alien force known only as Doomsday, a battle that only Superman can finish and will forever change the face of Metropolis.
  The Death and Return of Superman finds Superman in a fight to the finish when the Man of Steel becomes the only hero who can stand in the way of the monstrous creature Doomsday and his unstoppable rampage. Superman saves the planet, but not himself, leaving Earth’s citizens – and his heroic contemporaries – dealing with a world without Superman. The aftermath of Superman’s death, and the subsequent disappearance of his body, leads to a new mystery – is Superman still alive? The question is further complicated when four new super-powered individuals – Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy and the Eradicator – emerge to proclaim themselves as the ultimate hero. In the end, only one will be able to proclaim himself the world’s true Superman.

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